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Meet The Rigmarollers

"What IS this music?

We LOVE it!"

The Rigmarollers are filling bars, halls and dance floors with their joyous, original and vintage music. They jump effortlessly from barrelhouse blues, to ragtime, jazz, swing, gospel and infectious zydeco grooves.


Hitch a ride with them through uplifting roots music, all driven along by syncopated sousaphone, blistering blues harp, sizzling string picking, and whiplash washboard rhythms.

Here's what people are saying about the band:

"Thanks for the BRILLIANT music. We REALLY needed to dance!"

"Such a great band. Thank you for making our night AMAZING!"

"The Rigmarollers were a joy"

"Band of the festival"

"The Rigmarollers are fantastic — best band I've seen in years"

"What IS this music? We LOVE it!"

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